Dedicated to all those people who worked on staff at Crawfords since its birth as Hector Crawford Productions in Melbourne in 1945 until Box Hill closed its doors. If you worked at Crawfords during that time and you haven't been included in the staff list please feel free to enter your name and details, (just click on "Submit a Name" in the menu at left) and we'll post the details here. If you can think of anybody whose name has been omitted, please let us know and we'll include them. If you see anything that's incorrect or missing, please let us know. email to

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Names A

Peter Aarons Sound Department    
Kendra Abay Casting 1984 - 1994 Photographer
Kate A’Beckett Sec. to Ian Crawford 1970 - 1972 Deceased (03.05.2013)
Peter Acfield Music Editor 1976 Public Relations
Desmond Adams Rentals / Maintenance  1979 -  
Phil Adams Sound Editor   Deceased
Claudia Adamson      
Scott Adcock Driver / Art Department 1987 - 1990 Fremantle Media
Max Addison Unit Manager 1970’s  
Chris Adshead Director  1979 - Freelance Director
Cass Alexander Sound/Docos/Skyways Consultant 1968-70 '79-'80 Astronomer/Ret. Air Traffic Controller
George Alexander Security    
Janice Alexander      
William Alexander      
Hugh Allan   1978 -   
Judy Allchin Sec. to Ian Crawford 1979 -  Retail proprietor
Judith Allen      
Peter Allen Transport Manager 1973 - 1993 Gen. Man. Budget Rent a Car
John Allsop Grip - Clapper/Loader 1972 - 1973 Company Director
Pino Amenta Sound Recordist / Director 1975 - Freelance Director
Steve Amezdroz      
Anne Anderson* D.A. "The Box" 1974 - 1975 *Now Williams
Producer - Port Hills Prods. NZ
Barbara Anderson Canteen    
Brett Anderson Continuity / Camera Department 1979 -  
Chris Anderson Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator 1977 - 1991 Stunt Coordinator Website
Louise Anderson Casting Department - 1977  
May Anderson Canteen Manager 1978 -  
Elizabeth Andrews      
Stephen Andrews Props Department - 1977  
Laila Andrez Assist. to Mina Warneke    
Peter Andrikidis Tape Editor / Director 1981 -  
Despina Andronikidis      
Raelene Anstee Sec. to Jean Gair    
Stewart Archbold Tech Advisor - Skyways 1982 - Deceased
Stephen Archibold Construction    
Fred Argent Gaffer 1970's  
David Armstrong Chief Accountant  1975 - 1986 Retired
Peter Armstrong Stunt Co-Ordinator  1967 - Deceased
Sally Armstrong      
Sue Armstrong Wardrobe    
Alan Arnold Cameraman 1960's Deceased
Gaye Arnold Director's Assistant    
Doreen Arnold      
Jenny Arnott      
Graeme Arthur Director 1970's Deceased
Sam Asanouski    - 1977  
Peter Ascoli      
Peter Askew 1st Assistant Director 1979 - 1982 Freelance Producer
Bruce Atkins Standby Props Deceased (29.09.2013)
Robert Atkins    1980 -  
Neil Atkinson Writer    
Rosemary Atkinson General Assistant 1960's Retired
Jeffrey Austin      
Igor Auzins Director