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Jan Bladier - Production Supervisor / Producer

It was in 1965 while working as a secretary for two Melbourne Barristers that Jan decided the job didn't appeal to her, so she resigned. She went to an agency who lined up a job interview at a company Jan didn't really know. It was Crawfords. Having been used to the plush surrounds of the Barrister's offices, it was a bit of an eye opener when she walked along the corridor of 475 Collins Street. Natalie Raine was there walking her two poodles, the famous "Golden Arch" and Bob Pascoe in the throws of moving office. Whilst interviewing Jan, Mrs. Carter entered to collect mugs and Bob asked Jan if she would like a cup of tea. That was when Jan discovered that Mrs Carter didn't pull any punches when given a task near to her knocking off time. Despite the unusual "atmosphere" she encountered at Collins Street, Jan decided to take the job as Bob Pascoe's secretary. That was early 1966.

Jan eventually moved into production, working with Lindsay Parker. When he moved to another position Jan found herself working for Denis Ingram who had taken over the Production office. About the time of the move to Abbotsford Crawfords went into production of "The Box" feature film and Jan was given the role of co-ordinator. From there, she became Production Supervisor, working with now partner, David Lee on "Homicide", "Matlock Police", "Bluey", "The Box" series and "Ryan", among others.

In 1979 Jan and David decided to take some time off to travel around Australia. Arriving back in Melbourne after 10 months away, they only spent 2 months at home before packing up and heading to Sydney to work as Production Executives alongside ex Crawford's Producer Don Battye on the Reg Grundy cop series "Bellamy". When that series ended it was back to Melbourne, where in 1981 Jan and David set up their own independent production company, JDL Films.

The first series produced by JDL was a German co production. A tv series called "Black Boomerang". Since then, projects have included such tv series as "Five Mile Creek", "Ponderosa", miniseries "Boney" & "Tanamera". Two television documentaries for Crawfords, "The Homicide Story" (1994) and "TV's Greatest Shows.. The Crawford Story" (1995). Recently Jan, along with David, line produced George Miller's feature "Prey" and also produced Simon Wincer's feature "The Cup".