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Crawford Trivia Quiz No.1

Question 1

Who was the Neg Matching and Film Library supervisor in the 60's & 70's?

Warwick Driscoll Ty Serbos
Bruce Buchanan Richard Carroll

Question 2

What was the episode title of the first all film Homicide?

Flashback Flashpoint
Flash Jack The Flasher

Question 3

Which of these Mini Series was NOT a Crawford Production?

Against the Wind All the Way
Alice to Nowhere Tribe

Question 4

Who directed "The Box" feature film?

Simon Wincer George Miller
John Barningham Paul Eddey

Question 5

Bob Gardiner died doing what he loved best. What was it?

Skiing Motor Racing
Skydiving Abseiling

Question 6

Who was the head of Documentaries / Sales in the early years?

Val Stewart Douglas Tainsh
Lindsay Parker Russell Hurley

Question 7

What was the year that Hector Crawford was born?

1911 1918
1913 1916

Question 8

Who joined the Homicide cast when Terry McDermott left the series?

Dennis Grosvenor Alwyn Kurts
John Stanton Les Dayman

Question 9

Ian Crawford is married to....who?

Catherine Carole
Christine Carmel

Question 10

What was the name of Crawford's property near Croydon?

Yarra Falls Yarra Brae
Yarramundi Yarra Park

Question 11

Who was the Head of Transport?

Peter Allen Theo Penglis
Geoff Richardson Ray Pattison

Question 12

What was the telephone number at Collins Street?

62 3158 62 3581
62 3851 62 3518

Question 13

What was the telephone number at Abbotsford?

42 0311 42 0133
42 1303 42 1330

Question 14

How many episodes of "Bluey" were produced?

26 36
39 42

Question 15

What was the name of the Spanish born staff writer?

Luis Cajonas Luis Cabanas
Luis Bayonas Luis Bananos

Question 16

"The Sullivans" was produced during what years?

1977 - 1982 1972 - 1980
1976 - 1982 1971 - 1978

Question 17

What was the title of the final Homicide episode?

The Last Mile The Last Task
The Last Stand The Last Case

Question 18

What was the character name played by Michael Pate in "Matlock Police"?

Det. Sgt. Vince Madden Det. Sgt. Vic Mansfield
Det. Sgt. Vincent McDaniels Det. Sgt. Vic Maddern

Question 19

What was the title of the pilot episode of "Homicide" called?

One Man Crime Wave The Stunt
The Juveniles Handful of Money

Question 20

Who Played Det. Sgt. Bronson's killer in ep. 58 (Vendetta) of Homicide?

Bill Hunter Gerard Kennedy
Paul Karo Norman Yemm


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