There are hundred’s of ex staff who are unaware of this website, therefore we don’t have contact details for them.
If you know the current status of any of the people below and have some form of contact information for them, please consider sending their details in by filling in the form below so that we can get in touch or at least try and track them down.
Each month a new name will be added.

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Peter Aarons Sound Department 1970's
Max Addison Unit Manager 1970's
Angela Brewer Secretary 1970's
Richard Carroll Neg Matching 1970's
David Charles Director 60's / 70's
Steve Edwards Maintenance / Sound 1960's
Trish Foley Secretary to Jock Blair 1970's
Effy George Wardrobe 1981+
Vincent Gil Script Department 1982+
Judy Hunter Co-ordinator 1960's

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