Crawford Trivia Quiz No.5

Question 1

The Flying Doctors used what town as a base for the exterior scenes?

Clunes Bendigo
Lilydale Minyip

Question 2

In what year did Hector and Dorothy establish "Hector Crawford Productions"

1947 1945
1952 1950

Question 3

Which of the following radio serials was not a Crawford production?

Cattleman Melba Sings
No Holiday for Halliday The Blue Danube

Question 4

What was the main telephone number at Box Hill?

895 2121 895 1122
895 2211 895 1212

Question 5

The canteen at Abbotsford was run and managed by who?

Question 6

What were Dorothy Crawford's middle names?

Catherine Anne Muriel Turner
Violet Parker Mavis Swaine

Question 7

Crawford's 8 acre property in Box Hill is now ...

A Bunnings complex A Westfield Shopping Centre
A Variety of sporting ovals An Ikea Super Store

Question 8

Before taking it over in 1971, the Crawford complex at Abbotsford was previously used by...?

Bryant and May Apex Rubber Mills
Arnott's Biscuits Kodak

Question 9

He played James Bond in "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service" and later played a wanted man in Matlock Police. Who was he?

Question 10

What was the role played by George Mallaby in Cop Shop?

Det. Sgt. Grant Stewart Det. Sgt. Gary Sutton
Det. Sgt. Glen Taylor Det. Sgt. Greg Trainor

Question 11

On what floor was the canteen at Abbotsford located?

Ground 4th
3rd 2nd

Question 12

In the late eighties "Australia’s Most Wanted" was the first reality show made by Crawfords.

Question 13

"Saints and Sinners" was an early title idea for a police show that was eventually called.....

Matlock Police Homicide
Division 4 Bluey

Question 14

He was Hector's driver.

Don Lynch Bob Lynch
Don Leech Bob Leach

Question 15

What was the approximate budget of the early Matlock Police episodes?

$55,000 per episode $36,000 per episode
$24,000 per episode $40,000 per episode

Question 16

Production Manager / First Assistant Director Tom Binns and Production Designer Leslie Binns were?

Unrelated Brothers
Cousins Uncle and nephew

Question 17

The original setting in the pre-planning stages of Bluey was to be...?

Melbourne Sydney
Hobart Brisbane

Question 18

How many "Logie" Awards, both individual cast and series, did Division 4 win over its 6 year run?

12 9
10 11

Question 19

The theme music for "Homicide" was commissioned and especially written for the show. True or False?

Question 20

He started at Crawfords in the sound department, then eventually went on to directing. He left Australia and lived and worked in the USA. There he directed tv series such as X Files, JAG, and The Mentalist. Who is he?


End of quiz 5