Crawford Trivia Quiz No.4

Question 1

After he left Crawfords, he went on to produce "Sons and Daughters" for Grundy Television. He also co-wrote the theme song. Who is he?

Robert Bruning Henry Crawford
Don Battye Ian Jones

Question 2

What day did Hector Crawford celebrate his birthday?

19th July 20th September
14th August 30th January

Question 3

The theme music to "Bluey" was also used by a network for one of their programs. What was it? (Click here to play it)

Dateline The World Around Us
Foreign Correspondent World Series Cricket

Question 4

Who played the role of "Mister Jarvis" in early episodes of The Sullivans?

Gerry Duggan Reg Gorman
Fred Parslow Vic Gordon

Question 5

What was the name of the daytime television program hosted by Gordon Boyd?

Question 6

On a film crew what do the initials D.O.P. stand for?

Director of Production Director of Personal
Director of Photography Director of Props

Question 7

On a film crew, what is referred to as a "Dolly"?

An attractive guest actress A blow-up doll for use in stunt scenes
A small spotlight A wheeled device for rolling a camera smoothly

Question 8

Who played Ray Henderson in "The Sullivans"?

Mel Gibson Hugh Jackman
Gary Sweet Sam Neill

Question 9

In the Tom Hanks movie "Cast Away", an ex Crawford film editor and director
played a supporting role as a FedEx pilot. Who is he?

Question 10

What make of car were the "Homicide" cops driving when the show reached 100 episodes?

Ford Holden
Studebaker Chrysler

Question 11

Harry Brett was a native of ......?

Canada New Zealand
The USA The UK

Question 12

Anne Stapleton was better known as actress Anne .......... during the days of "Hunter"

Mitchell Morgan
Morrison Marshall

Question 13

In "Cop Shop", Terry Norris played who?

Sen. Sgt. Vern Shaunessy Sen. Sgt. Derek O'Toole
Sen. Sgt. Eric O'Reilly Sen. Sgt. William "Bill" O'Malley

Question 14

Who did George Mallaby play in "The Box"?

Paul Maloney Paul Richards
Paul Donovan Paul Drake

Question 15

What is the name of the ex Crawford's staffer who directed the feature film "Squizzy Taylor"?

Kevin Dobson Rod Hardy
Simon Wincer George Miller

Question 16

How many actors have had regular roles playing "Homicide" detectives?

13 14
15 16

Question 17

What was the character name played by Terrence Donovan in Division 4?

Sen. Det. Peter Michaels Sen. Det. Michael Healy
Sen. Det. Mick Peters Sen. Det. Mick Sanders

Question 18

What (then) future Prime Minister of Australia had a guest role on "The Last of the Australians" playing himself?

Bob Hawke Paul Keating
John Howard Malcolm Fraser

Question 19

Ian Jones was the Producer of "The Last of the Australians". True or False?

Question 20

Who played Constable Kevin Dwyer in Division 4?


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