Crawford Trivia Quiz No.3

Question 1

What was the organisation name that John Hunter worked for as a secret agent?


Question 2

What was the evil organisation in "Hunter"?


Question 3

What was Hector's 2nd vehicle of choice at Abbotsford?

Rambler Rebel Holden Statesman
Ford LTD Humber Snipe

Question 4

Who played Wildlife Officer Ray Turner in Young Ramsay?

Andrew McFarlane Serge Lazareff
Gary Gray Peter Hehir

Question 5

Who played the female lead role in Series 2 of "All the Rivers Run"

Sigrid Thornton Liz Burch
Barbara Llewellyn Nikki Coghill

Question 6

What department did Graeme Wright work in?

Sound Film Editing
Accounts Transpor

Question 7

Who played the assassin who shot Inspector Fox?

Jeff Ashby Paul Karo
Gerard Kennedy John Hargreaves

Question 8

What national tv celebrity had a role in the comedy series "The Bluestone Boys"?

Mike Walsh Graham Kennedy
Bert Newton Don Lane

Question 9

Production Secretary Fiona -------'s father was a National political leader. Who was he?

Malcolm Fraser Bob Hawke
Billy Sneddon Philip Lynch

Question 10

Helen Rolland was the head of which department in the late 60's and again late 70's?

Casting Typing Pool
Research Co-ordination

Question 11

Who played Det. Allan Curtis in Matlock Police?

Lionel Long Dennis Grosvenor
Grigor Taylor John Diedrich

Question 12

What was the first name of the vet played by John Hargreaves in Young Ramsay?

Philip Tony
Peter Steve

Question 13

What was Hector Crawford's middle name?

William Robert
Athol Thomas

Question 14

Before taking on a Producing role, Henry Crawford did what?

Sound Casting
Editing Research

Question 15

In Homicide, what was the character name played by Bud Tingwell?

Inspector Reg Fox Inspector Reg "Smokey" Dawson
Inspector Reg Lawson Inspector Reg Connolly

Question 16

Who was the voice of radio operator "Shirl" in Matlock Police?

Gwen Plumb Natalie Raine
Margaret Cruickshank Sheila Florance

Question 17

Harry Brett's main job at Abbotsford was as a .....?

Security Guard Driver
Script Writer Projectionist

Question 18

Private detective Michael Ryan drove a what?

Ford Mustang Valiant Charger
Porsche Carrera Volkswagen "Beetle"

Question 19

After he left Crawfords George Miller went on to direct "Mad Max". True or False?

Question 20

A tough "no multiple choice" question to finish. Hector Crawford received two awards for services to the entertainment industry. What were they?


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