Crawford Trivia Quiz No.2

Question 1

Who co-starred along with Lucky Grills in "Bluey"?

Andrew McFarlane John Diedrich
Serge Lazareff Gary Gray

Question 2

What was Hector's favourite football team?

Essendon Collingwood
Carlton Fitzroy

Question 3

What year was Dorothy Crawford born?

1918 1915
1913 1911

Question 4

Anne Warren was Personal Assistant to who?

Ian Crawford Hector Crawford
Ian Jones Dorothy Crawford

Question 5

What was Lenice Mallaby's name before she married George? (correct spelling required)

Reed Read
Reid Reide

Question 6

What department did Glenn Martin work in?

Art Film Editing
Sound Transport

Question 7

"Hunter" drove a what.........?

Porsche Ford Mustang
Karman Ghia Lamborghini Diablo

Question 8

Who compered the "Showcase" series?

Gordon Chater Alwyn Kurts
Gordon Boyd Ted Hamilton

Question 9

Who played the senior vet in "Young Ramsay"?

Keith Eden Reg Gorman
Vic Gordon Chuck Faulkner

Question 10

Who was the owner of fictitious tv station UCV12 in "The Box"?

Sir Harry Allen Sir Reginald Baxter
Sir Henry Usher Sir Frank Parker

Question 11

In what year was Crawford Productions first sold?

1987 1986
1990 1988

Question 12

What was the character name (played by Pamela Stephenson) of "Ryan's" secretary?

Jenny King Janice King
Julie King Josie King

Question 13

How many episodes of "Homicide" were produced?

558 536
509 450

Question 14

Who wrote the first colour episode of Homicide "Initiation"?

Luis Bayonas Ian Jones
Vince Moran Tom Hegarty

Question 15

Who wrote the theme music to "The Sullivans"?

Geoff Harvey Mike Brady
Bruce Rowland Bruce Smeaton

Question 16

Luigi Villani played a character in both Matlock Police and Ryan. What was that character's name?

Tony Bonarte Gino Arnetti
Tony Angelino Gino Lombardi

Question 17

Who played Nell Kennedy (Sgt. Kennedy's wife) in "Matlock Police"?

Sheila Florance Queenie Ashton
Nanette Goode Natalie Raine

Question 18

Episode One of Ryan was called "Liz". Name the director

Simon Wincer David Lee
Ian Jones George Miller

Question 19

Crawfords brought out international acts such as Liberace and Glen Campbell for a series of concerts. True or False?

Question 20

A tough "no multiple choice" question to finish. In his pre Crawford days, who filled in for one episode as a dancer in place of Judd Laine on the early tv series "The Hit Parade" on HSV7 but whose main role was as director of the program?


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