Helen Rolland - Casting / Theatrical Agent

Helen worked for Mobil Oil as assistant secretary to the Chairman before undertaking Temporary Secretarial work. This eventually led her in 1965 to a full time position at Crawfords as a Production Co-ordinator under Marjorie Keen on the spy series “Hunter”. She eventually took over as Chief Co-Ordinator, working on “Homicide”, “Division 4” and “Matlock Police”.

In 1970 Helen left Crawfords and went to live and work in Sydney. There she worked for Eric Porter Productions as a Director's Assistant before moving over to Actor / Producer Robert Bruning's company, Gemini Productions, working on “The Godfathers” tv series as well as “Spoiler”.

Helen then left to travel overseas, which she did for five years, working in Public Relations for the Hong Kong based company, Eric White Associates. She then headed for London where she worked as Executive Assistant to the Chairman at Shani Fashion Industries. It was there in 1977 that Helen received a phone call from Crawfords asking if she'd like to return to the company and take over the Casting Department.

As Casting Director from 1977 until she moved back to Sydney in late 1980, Helen was responsible for shows such as “The Sullivans”, “Young Ramsay”, “Cop Shop” and “Skyways”. In Sydney, Helen set up her own company, “HR Casting” until 1984 when she joined Anthony A. Williams Management, representing Actors, Writers and Directors. In 2000, Helen set up a new company, “Rolland Management”, a boutique Theatrical Agency representing Actors and Directors.