Vicki Popplewell - Casting / DA / Producer

Vicki was working in Sydney for WEA Records as a Press Officer before moving to a secretarial position with a subsidiary company of Channel Nine. She left in 1974, moved to Melbourne and after answering an ad, began working for Crawfords. Her first job in the company was as secretary to Diana Howard.
Vicki then became a Director's Assistant on the Johnny Farnham / Maurie Fields comedy series "Bobby Dazzler". A position in the casting department came up and Vicki was soon casting for "Young Ramsay" and "Cop Shop", before moving over to "Cop Shop" as a D.A.

After about 5 years at Crawfords Vicki took a position with Grundy Television working on their Melbourne production, "Prisoner" as a Director's Assistant. Vicki then went on to cast the same series. She left that organization to work with ex Crawford's colleagues, Marie Trevor and John Jacob, in a television venture they were trying to get up. Unfortunately it wasn't successful. At about that time Henry Crawford was making his mini series "Eureka Stockade" and Vicki joined the production team as Casting Director. This led her to cast another Henry Crawford series "Five Mile Creek" made as a co production with the Disney Channel.

Vicki then went freelance and in roles as either Production Co-ordinator or Producer has lined up an impressive list of credits on both feature films and television projects. Some of these projects include: "Glass Babies", "Leonski (The Brownout Murders)", "Neighbours", "The Thin Red Line","Australia's Most Wanted", "Streetfighter", "Lightning Jack", "Matrix Reloaded" and "Matrix Revolutions", "Natalie Wood - Hollywood's Last Child". One job of which Vicki is especially proud, was that of Line Producer for the "Official Olympic Film" made by the prestigious New York company, Cappy Productions.

Vicki was Production Manager on the Australian episodes of "JAG" as well as being Prod. Manager on the miniature shoots of the recent "Superman Returns" feature film. She is currently Line Producer for the 7 Network series, "All Saints".