Stephen Millichamp - Actor / Grip

In 1974 a young Steve Millichamp, after working in a bank, his first job after school, was talking to "The Box" actress Kaye McPheeter. She suggested to Steve that if he wanted to work in the tv industry, it might pay him to contact Crawfords and try his luck. It worked, because after being interviewed by then General Manager Bob Pascoe, Steve was hired to start in the Trainee Department. He then moved on to become a script assistant on "The Box". After about 3 months Steve was moved onto location work. He was now a runner and assistant grip, moving between "Division 4" and "Matlock Police". At the same time, Steve was a student in the Drama School at Crawfords. Stephen's first acting role for Crawfords was playing the part of a killer in an episode of "Homicide". He went on to play roles in all of Crawford's drama series.

Steve left Crawfords in 1975 and did a number of minor character roles in a variety of television and film productions. Among those was as "Roop", an MFB Officer in the first Mad Max feature (1977). Steve had also spent 18 months as a freelance grip before moving into Marketing for a large cosmetics and sunglasses company. After gaining an understanding of the industry, in 1990 he set about forming his own cosmetics company, the very successful Coral Colours. Then in 1991 he started up the popular "Imperial" bar and restaurant in South Yarra, as well as the "Cafe Venice" in Toorak Road. Steve has also owned three "Jet Set" travel agency franchises. He also set up and ran the successful "Footy Tours" business from 1996 until 2004.

Stephen now concentrates his time as CEO of Coral Colours Corporation, but he makes sure he takes off approximately three months every year to travel with his wife aboard the luxury cruise ship "The World" on which they own an apartment.

Amendment 12th November 2013
Stephen retired from his working duties due to ill health. Sadly, he passed away on the 8th November 2013 at age 57.