Lenice Mallaby - Production Assistant

In November 1967 a young Lenice Reed was interviewed by then Crawfords General Manager Bob Pascoe. Lenice had come straight from school and business college. Bob decided to place 16 year old Lenice in with Administration Manager, Marjorie Keene as her assistant. At that stage Lenice had no idea what the company actually did. After about three weeks she was moved to drama co-ordination, training under Sophie Neef, and began working on Homicide and Division 4.

After about a year, Lenice was moved into Homicide production to replace Production Assistant Kaye Rowe, who was leaving to have a baby. Some time later Lenice was poached by HSV7 and left Crawfords to work on the Mike Walsh Tonight Show.

In 1972 Lenice rejoined Crawfords as a co-ordinator on Matlock Police and Last of the Australians, as well as training future co-ordinators. Lenice again left Crawfords, this time to join the Lee Larner agency, where she assisted in casting. At the same time she did a drama course at Crawfords under Natalie Raine. Having played a few guest roles in Crawford shows, Lenice secured the role of "Francesca" in the ABC series, Frank and Francesca.

Lenice married George Mallaby in 1975 and in 1976 they moved to London. George received a telegram from Hector Crawford in 1977, asking if he would return to Melbourne, as Crawfords wanted George to be in the cast for new drama series. That series was Cop Shop. It was during that period that Lenice gave birth to their first of two sons. Lenice at that stage was acting as George's agent. George took a year off work when he became ill and then secured a role in Prisoner. Lenice gave birth to their second son.

Lenice then ran fitness and jazzercise classes, as well as doing part time work in the local Belgrave cinema. In the early 90's George's illness worsened, and they moved to Queensland for 3 years, where Lenice got a job working with ex Crawford's Darryl Sheen as his production assistant for film and television production company, Coote Hayes. When George died in 2004 she transferred to Coote Hayes' Melbourne operation.

Lenice undertook a Real Estate Representatives course as a path to a new career. She has now become settled in her new role - new homes administration.