Graham Foreman - Script Editor / Producer

When Crawfords sold the concept of their new cop series "Division 4" in 1969, they found they had a shortfall of staff in the Script Editing Department. Graham Foreman had previously worked in the theatre with Henry Crawford, who recommended that Graham be flown down from Sydney for an interview. He had both directed and adapted plays and was Stage Manager for the Q Theatre in Sydney at the time. Graham was interviewed by Dorothy Crawford at her home, where she often did most of her work. Graham obviously pleased D.C. as a month or two later he was employed as Script Editor on " Homicide".

Graham was then transferred to "Matlock Police" as the Script Editor when that series began about a year later. One night, in 1971, he was tragically hit by a car. Fortunately Graham survived, but it meant that he was confined to working from home whilst he recovered. To aid in his recovery process, Graham took some time off in 1972 to travel while he recuperated. On returning to Crawfords, he discovered that there were no vacancies in the script department, so he commenced working with Bob Gardiner in Post Production. There he was responsible for the scheduling and management of sound mixes etc. for the various shows. His duties also included the role of Integration Director for "Division 4" at GTV 9. Graham then went on to become Production Manager on "Division 4" and "Matlock Police".

In 1974 to 1975 he toured Australia and New Zealand as Tour Manager for Crawford's stage production of "Doctor in the House". When the tour finished, Graham spent a little under a year as Producer on "The Box". That led him to the role of Associate Producer on "The Sullivans", working with Ian Jones and Henry Crawford. After about six months Graham started directing the show, as well as new show "Cop Shop". He then returned to script editing on the latter.

When Graham left Crawfords in 1979 he worked as a freelance Script Editor / Writer for the next fifteen years. He moved to Sydney in 1982 to work with Henry Crawford again on the first series of the Disney production "Five Mile Creek". Companies he's freelanced for include Grundys, ATN7, Network Ten, as well as becoming editor for an architecture & design magazine. His work these days is in web copy-writing and design.