Kevin Dobson - Director

Having left his job in retail at exclusive "George's of Collins Street" Kevin joined Crawford's as a young trainee in 1970. After a stint in the trainee department, Kevin was given a job as a script supervisor on location filming. This meant a variety of tasks from making tea to running errands etc. Kevin then moved into the Sound Department learning about all aspects of dubbing, recording and sound editing. Kevin next moved into Film Editing, a great grounding for his eventual move into directing.

After proving to be a very talented film editor Kevin moved into the Script Department, where he became a script editor. Kevin was promoted to film directing after working with Ian Jones on Division 4. In 1976 Kevin left Crawfords and headed north to Sydney where he directed episodes of "Kings Men" for Grundys, as well as a telemovie for Robert Bruning. Kevin then returned to Crawfords for a short time as a director on a freelance basis. He moved into feature films, directing the successful features, "Mango Tree" and "Squizzy Taylor".

Kevin decided to try his luck in the USA and moved to LA in 1989. He now lives with his family in Santa Monica. Kevin has since directed, among other projects, the features "Golddigger (The Secret of Bear Mountain)" and "The Virgin of Juarez". He has also directed telemovies such as "Miracle of the Wilderness" for Turner Television, "Shades of Grey" and "Casey's Gift" for NBC and "Surviving the Savage Sea" for ABC.

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