Adrian Carr - Editor / Director

As a young man of 18 Adrian joined the mail room of the ABC in 1970. From there he became an assistant film editor, working on news and current affairs. A phone call to Crawfords led him to work as assistant film editor on the series "Ryan". That was 1973. Adrian then moved on to "Matlock Police" and was no longer an assistant editor, as his credit now read "Film Editor". He cut 3 episodes of that series before moving on to the company's flagship drama "Homicide", working on that series until it ceased production in 1976. It was then on to "Bluey" which replaced "Homicide" on the Seven Network. Whilst at Crawfords, Adrian won the Television Society's Best Drama Editing Award for his work on "The Far Country".

When "Bluey" ended production in 1977 Adrian left Crawfords to take up a film editing position with the Melbourne based production company, Film House, owned by director Fred Schepisi. With much experience editing drama, he now gained further editing expertise cutting many tv commercials, as well as the feature film, "The Man from Snowy River". Other projects Adrian worked on were many and varied, including features, "D.A.R.Y.L.", the Ian Jones / Simon Wincer blockbuster "The Lighthorsemen" and as second unit director on "Quigley Down Under". Adrian's expertise as a Film Editor was starting to take a secondary role as he pursued his first love, directing. His debut feature film as Director was "Now and Forever", starring Cheryl Ladd.

Adrian left Australia in May 1992 to try his hand in Hollywood. It was a move that provided him with an even greater variety of projects. It was back to editing in 1994 for the William Cole feature, " Unveiled". Adrian then directed the hit series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" followed by the live action sequences for the award winning cd-rom movie games "The Pandora Directive" and sequel, "Tex Murphy - Overseer". Other projects in the US have included the tv series "The New Adventures of Robin Hood", and features "Mindgames" & "Guarding Eddy". Other pursuits include his Photography Calendar projects, writing screenplays, and teaching at the Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture and Television Acting. He is currently in development to make a full length feature of his award winning short drama, "Blood Makes Noise".

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