Rosemary McCrae

Script & Research Typist 1972 - 1980


In retrospect, I feel very privileged to have been at CP during its heydey. A rather green, naive little girl when I started there, I consider my tenure as a time when I sort of grew up.

I have a brief memory of nearly tripping over Michael Caton's dog "Mate" (well, that's what he was called in The Sullivans) in the canteen one time, of the Friday night crawls at Crusher Webb's pub in North Richmond (think he was a part-time wrestler, part-time stunt person, part-time "heavy" in the cop shows, and the general cameraderie that existed even between humble little script-dicta typist (research) typists like me and the script writers (hello, Ray Kolle!), the producers, directors, etc.

Just so glad Crawford Productions - for its contribution to Australian television history - has not been forgotten. I had a ball!

10th Aug 2007