Richard Felstead

Richard Felstead

Music Editor 1966 - 1968

A Crawford Memory

When "Hunter" began in 1967, post production was shared with "Homicide". Whichever production crew was on the afternoon shift, Mr Hector Crawford would allow them to watch the completed Homicide on Tuesdays and Hunter on Wednesdays on his office television. One Wednesday night the Homicide crew were watching Hunter when Tony Ward's character (Hunter) was asked the phone number of Fernande Glyn's character by a third person. The scriptwriters used Crawford's number, the old 623851. Immediately (about 9.00pm) after the number was mentioned, the phones started ringing throughout the office. They were still ringing at 10.30pm.
Answering the phone was a real nuisance.

Eventually someone (it may have been Phil Lockman) answered a phone and, when asked "where was Hunter?", Phil (or whoever) said he's out the back (deleted) Fernande Glyn's character. The calls stopped soon after and we were able to resume work without interruptions.

30th June 2005