Peter Felmingham

Peter Felmingham


Hello Everyone.

My time at Crawfords started after leaving the R.A.N. in 1968 and becoming an Equity member.
Imprinted in my mind is walking into the Collins Street building and seeing Marie Trevor.
Joy Corbett was teaching drama to quite a few at the time and put on a show locally that Henry came along to see and so started my "career" at Crawfords.
The first memory of a role is as an extra in Homicide with Marie Trevor and Henry Crawford casting at the time.

Eventually they gave me a part as the driver/offsider to Ted Hamilton in "Divvy 4", which provided me with about three months semi regular work.
There was a wonderful man, whose name escapes me, who taught drama at Crawfords in the Abbotsford building. Brenda Addie was one of the people also "learning" with me at the time

Another man who touched my heart was a Director, Paul Eddey, who directed me in quite a few episodes of Division Four and arranged an audition to replace John Stanton when he was leaving.
The role went to Dennis Grosvenor I think and not long after the amazing "Bud" Tingwell gave me a role in "Doctor in the House" that toured the Eastern States and then New Zealand with Graham Foreman taking over as Tour Director.

There are some wonderful times that happened over the years and maybe I'll relate them sometime.

Bye for now
16 Sep 2005