Paul "Clackers" Clark

Paul "Clackers" Clark

Sound Recordist

I was 16 and quit my job in the watch dept at Myers after reading an ad in The Age for Production personel at Crawfords. Passed 'The interview' with Mr Pascoe. My first memory of that interview was Mr Pascoe's lovely secretary, Jan B. What a glorious sight for a 16 year old lad.

Did my stint in the Roneo room, collecting Dorothy's No 9 chickens and wigs from Randall Worth and dresses from Ninette creations then, courtesy of dear Danny Dyson who had a certain office bugged, I was informed that I was to have an interview with Mr Hector Crawford in person. Being my insecure self I feared the worst and thought my time at CP was over.

The day came and I was sitting at the desk in the Roneo room contemplating my future when I heard the rattle of keys and coin approaching from down the kerosine heater and bucket lined corridor. "That's gotta be Mr Pascoe". Sure enough it was. I was instructed to smarten myself up and comb my hair, so I brushed the dandruff off my 3 piece pinstriped suit, polished my shoes on my trouser leg and nervously followed the keys and coin through the Golden Gate past reception and Mrs Carter to the office on the left halfway towards the Sound Department.

Little did I know that they were the steps to my next career move as Mr Crawford asked me if I would like to go out into the field to help the sound recordist (David Hughes) because Vince Monton had been moved from the Sound dept on Hunter to the Camera dept on Homicide. "Gee, Mister Crawford that would be great! I used to do the PA at school assembly". His reply was "Good. Meet David outside The Cameo at 7am and he will drive you to location".

Excitement!!!! I was there at 6.30 in my 3 piece pin striped suite and shiny shoes when a fully enclosed Mini Moke pulled up driven by a brute of a man and all I heard was "Get in, we're late!!" I replied "Oh, sorry" (dickhead me.) David's nickname was "The Brute" I found out later.

We then proceeded to Avalon Airforce base and met the crew; Harry Starling, Andrew Swanson, Alan Arnold, John Haddy, Tony Ward, Gerard Kennedy and Ann Dodd. All dressed except for the cast in proper location attire and it turned out to be a stinking hot day with not a stick of shade in site. I never wore that 3 piece suit again or the shiny shoes.

Since then I worked on Hunter, starting on The Mirage File, Division 4, Matlock, Homicide, Bluey, The Sullivans, etc. Leaving to work with Mike Willessee then returning to do "All The Rivers Run".

There are many other stories and incidents that come to mind but maybe best left alone until we meet in person if I can make it to the next reunion. I made the first but missed the others.

I moved to Queensland to work on US productions with Darryl Sheen and now have lived and worked in Thailand for 3 years working on US productions and next week (Feb 2007) begin production on "Rambo IV" as Production Sound Mixer (sound recordist).

I thank Crawfords for my start and I have to say that Crawfords still lives on in the hearts of all who began their career at Collins Street and "The Federal" (Boy, what a pub!!)

My best regards to all.
30th Jan. 2007

Paul passed away on the 5th of July 2013