Graham McFarlane



I appeared in "Consider Your Verdict" in 1964 in the following episodes;
Queen v`s Cartwright
Queen v`s Freemont
Queen v`s Wood

During the shoot of Cartwright, I was asked a question by Roland Strong. My mind went completely blank so I just shrugged my shoulders in despair. Roland saw my plight and went to the next question and to my delight my amnesia went. I saw out the rest of the episode without a problem. I approached floor manager Sonia Borg to apologise only to be reminded that was all I was supposed to do. After that I thought move over Kennedy and Newton, I have arrived.

My only other performance was in the Homicide episode "Pushover", a non speaking role. I had to stand at the bar drinking beer, hard roll to perfect lol. Much practice required.

Graham McFarlane

4th Jan. 2011