George Verginis


If it wasnt for the food poisoning and my admission to Box Hill hospital and being next to a guy in the ward (Glenn Newnham) informing me about this site, I would have not been able to write to you about my small involvement with the magnificent Crawford Productions. I am most emotional now just writing this. In 1956 I started a radio announcing training course with Mr Lee Murray, a friend of Hector Crawford. I had been informed and recommended for an acting role in "Consider Your Verdict" that they thought I would be interested in. You see, I did have a desire to be an actor as well as a broadcaster.

I remember that I went to auditions at the Olderfleet building in Collins Street and was successful in getting a part in the episode "Sutherland versus the Crown". I had been accused of murder and as such was cross examined a lot. The prosecutor was a successfull actor whose name I can't remember (maybe Wynn).
This was a very enjoyable experience that I would have loved to continue doing, but unfortunately back in 1961 parents were listened to. In my case my father being a migrant from a Greek island, was totally against me continuing in this industry.
One good thing to come out of all this is that my friend Bill Hunter whom I got motivated to follow me in radio voice training and then acting.. the rest is obvious.

Congratulations to you for your enterprise and love of a wonderful important part of Australian history, and the important role that Mr Hector Crawford played in the development of the television and movie industry.

Thank you on behalf of many Australians.
George Verginis

6th August 2009