Barry Minster

Technical Producer (HSV-7) Cop Shop & Skyways

Although not a Crawford's employee, I feel as if I was one. Being the HSV7 Technical Producer on Cop Shop and on Skyways, I was very close to many of the Crawfords staff. In fact through my involvement, I am proud to say that COP SHOP has recognition as being the first ongoing television series to be totally shot on Video tape. Quite a feat, as after every 10 minute reel of Quad [2"] wild footage was shot, we sent it back to Ch 7 by taxi and after they checked it on a large 2 inch machine we received the all clear to proceed to the next scene. That I guess, is why Cop Shop was always shot in and around South Melbourne - close to the 7 studios.

Since then - I resigned in 1982 after the Crawford shows were "axed" and have been a freelance Broadcast Engineer ever since. Apart from a two year stint as ABC-TV Melbourne OB Manager [1989/1991]

Recently I have worked on Athens Olympics, Sydney Olympics and in Sth Korea for 4 months as a "Techo" and I am preparing myself for the Commonwealth Games as Broadcast Manager for the Lawn Bowls.

At 57 years of age I have returned to study - Swinburne University - where I am doing my Master of Arts [Communications] and hope to continue to contribute to those who are following me in an industry which has overall been kind to me and my family.

I married Judith Vincent in 1980 (A/Producer - Marshall Law, Corelli,) and we have a great 22 year old daughter who studied drama at Ballarat 2002 to 2004.

Kew, Victoria

5th Jan 2006