401 Jingles    
402 Shut Your Mouth and You'll Catch no Flies    
403 A Thing of the Past    
404 Just Good Friends   David Stevens
405 Time and Tide Fred Cul Cullen Igor Auzins
406 Jill the Ripper   Paul Eddey
407 Otto    
408 As Simple As ABZ Peter Schreck Ian Bennett
409 You Hear About The Slasher?    
410 Bill    
411 A Crime Against Nature Howard Griffiths David Stevens
412 Running Jack    
413 Angel    
414 Twelve Bar Blues Fred Cul Cullen Ian Bennett
415 I Keep Going Back To Be Certain   George Miller
416 Cowboy Billy Day    
417 Penelope   Paul Eddey
418 An Axe for Tommy    
419 Final Sunday    
420 The Artful Dodger   Gary Conway
421 Welcome to Mayfield    
422 You've Got to do Something    
423 The Shooting of Jimmy Lines    
424 No Rhyme or Reason    
425 Yesterday's News   George Miller
426 Slow Fuse   Paul Eddey
427 Tom Mitchell's Money Box George Mallaby Igor Auzins
428 The Chaff Bandits Fred Cul Cullen Igor Auzins
429 The Transhipment    
430 Brotherhood of Man   Ian Bennett
431 Stand-In for Terror Jim Simmonds  
432 The Fellas Send Their Regards    
433 The Fireworks Man   Igor Auzins
434 The Graduation of Tony Walker    
435 Moon Shadow    
436 Coup de Grace Charles Stamp  
437 Running Nowhere    
438 Mister Spence   Paul Eddey
439 Poker Face    
440 The Animal That Has to be Fed   David Stevens
441 The Hooker Jim Simmonds  
442 Snails for Dinner   Simon Wincer
443 Just Like Anyone Else    
444 Soldiering On    
445 The Last Season    
446 Surprising What People Can Do    
447 Brick Veneer   Igor Auzins
448 The Nameless Grave   Rob Stewart
449 Thou Shall Not Want    
450 The Quiet Ones Peter Dunn  
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451 The Last Bastion    
452 Do Us All a Favour Peter Kinloch  
453 Speaking Ill of the Dead   Igor Auzins
454 Bomb   Igor Auzins
455 Pointing to the Moon Jim Simmonds Paul Eddey
456 Don't Call Me Steve   Andrew Swanson
457 Part of the Furniture    
458 The Egotist    
459 Starring Joan Kendall Luis Bayonas  
460 Rage   Paul Eddey
461 Long Weekend   Kevin Dobson
462 You Probably Won't Believe This, But    
463 The Life and Times of Tina Kennedy   Igor Auzins
464 Formula Five Jim Simmonds  
465 Dog Eat Dog   David Stevens
466 Don't Be Lonely John Drew Kevin Dobson
467 Rampage Graham Hartley  
468 A Quiet Place    
469 Hear No Evil    
470 When the Cat's Away   Kevin Dobson
471 Charlie John Drew  
472 A Room for Improvement Peter Schreck  
473 Short Cut Jim Simmonds Kevin Dobson
474 Free Enterprise George Miller Kevin Dobson
475 Why All the Fuss? John Drew  
476 The Gladstone Home for Wayward Girls David Stevens  
477 The Start of Something David Boutland  
478 Wipe Out Jim Simmonds  
479 Command Performance Graham Hartley  
480 Who Saw Them Die? John Drew  
481 Rattles Luis Bayonas  
482 I Had a Dream Keith Thompson  
483 Out of Step Brian Bell  
484 Spools and Clocks Peter Kinloch Kevin Dobson
485 The Sniper John Drew  
486 I Thought I Could've Died Jim Simmonds Simon Wincer
487 Party Games Graeme Koetsveld Kevin Dobson
488 Sanguma Graham Hartley Kevin Dobson
489 Outside Chance   Kevin Dobson
490 Poppet    
491 The Whole of the Law Jim Simmonds  
492 Wrong End of the Gun    
493 Double Take    
494 House to House Luis Bayonas Andrew Swanson
495 Antique Murder    
496 8mm Michael Harvey  
497 On the Run   Kevin Dobson
498 The Graveyard Shift    
499 Two Days At Echo Gorge    
500 Home After Dark    
501 Bunny    
502 Third Generation   Kevin Dobson
503 Leader of the Pack   Igor Auzins
504 Stopover   Igor Auzins
505 Daddy's Gone A-Hunting    
506 Shark Pack Keith Hetherington George Miller
507 Accident    
508 Gone Fishing    
509 The Last Task Vince Moran Kevin Dobson
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