Ep.TitleWriter/sDirectorStudio Director
301 The Puppy Sonia Borg David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
302 A Boy's Best Friend Ted Hepple Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
303 A Change of Habit Margaret Kelly D. Pulbrook/G. Miller Alex Emanuel
304 On the Run Louis Clark David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
305 Sugar and Spite Lee Pattinson Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
306 The Bikie Luis Bayonas David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
307 Don't Call the Cops Keith Hetherington Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
308 Expectations Ted Hepple David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
309 The Professional Alan Cram Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
310 Brer Fox Colin Eggleston David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
311 All the World is Queer Margaret Kelly Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
312 Masquerade Amanda Spry David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
313 A Game of Chance Ted Roberts David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
314 Fighting Fred Luis Bayonas Luis Bayonas Alex Emanuel
315 Blood David Boutland Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
316 The Experts Ted Roberts Ian Bennett Alex Emanuel
317 Handle With Care Keith Hetherington Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
318 Lover Boy Alan Cram Ian Bennett Alex Emanuel
319 From The Top L. Bayonas / P. Freedman David Lee Alex Emanuel
320 I Love You Primrose Taylor Margaret Kelly David Lee Alex Emanuel
321 Maybe She'll Come Tomorrow Martin Robbins Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
322 The Wife David Boutland David Lee Ken Fitzgerald
323 Everything in the Garden Isn't James Davern Andrew Swanson Ken Fitzgerald
324 Too Clever by Half Fred Parsons David Lee Ken Fitzgerald
325 The Hex Amanda Spry Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
326 Motive Colin Eggleston Paul Jansen Ken Fitzgerald
327 Mad Dog Ted Hepple Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
328 Death Turns On Keith Hetherington Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
329 Widow Maker Ted Roberts David Lee Alex Emanuel
330 Nothing Ever Happens Around Here Sonia Borg David Lee Alex Emanuel
331 The Hermit Alan Cram Paul Jansen Alex Emanuel
332 A Ticket to the Grave Amanda Spry Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
333 Grains of Sand   Tom Hegarty Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
334 The Girl Who Wanted to go Home Sonia Borg Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
335 Why Lenny? James East David Lee Alex Emanuel
336 The Floater David Boutland David Lee Alex Emanuel
337 The Crisis John Vincent David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
338 There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth James Davern    
339 Sleeper Keith Hetherington Gary Conway Alex Emanuel
340 Cat's Paw Fred Parsons    
341 Shoot to Kill Keith Hetherington    
342 Anti Gravity Keith Hetherington David Pulbrook Bruce Ross-Smith 
343 An Early Morning Dip Marcia Hatfield Andrew Swanson Bruce Ross-Smith
344 Time to Kill Patrick Edgeworth Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
345 One Against the World David Whitaker David Pulbrook Alex Emanuel
346 Anniversary Brian Faull   Bruce Ross-Smith
347 Twigs and Twine Amanda Spry Andrew Swanson Alex Emanuel
348 Old Hercules Margaret Kelly    
349 Second Time Lucky Barry Hill    
350 Head Start John Vincent David Pulbrook Bruce Ross-Smith
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Ep.TitleWriter/sDirectorStudio Director
351 Victim of Fear Roger Simpson    
352 One Inch to Murder Jim Simmonds    
353 Little Big Girl Jeanette Prior    
354 Disengagement Vince Moran    
355 Cost of Success Arthur Conner    
356 Street of Fear Max Sims    
357 I Couldn't Sleep, I Couldn't Sleep at All Amanda Spry Peter Bray Graeme Arthur
358 R.I.P. Ted Hepple    
359 Change of Heart Graham Foreman    
360 War Cry Max Sims Peter Bray Graeme Arthur
361 Skeleton Key Keith Hetherington    
362 The Herring Peter Schreck    
363 The Rape of Lenny Walker J. Blair / R. Simpson    
364 Fools Gold Michael Harvey    
365 Nightmare Vince Moran    
366 Black Sheep Marcia Hatfield    
367 Born Loser Keith Dresser David Stevens Bruce Ross-Smith
368 A Good Investment Sophie Chodan    
369 They Clear Them Every Thursday   Peter Bray  
370 Shotgun Wedding Jock Blair    
371 Only a Matter of Time Keith Hetherington    
372 The Pursuit Max Sims   Ken FitzGerald
373 I Killed Amanda Clarke Arthur Conner Igor Auzins Bill Catmull
374 Yes, That's Sandra Lynn Bower David Stevens Bill Catmull
375 We'll Both Remember Angie Vince Moran Igor Auzins Bill Catmull

Homicide goes All Film and Colour

376 Initiation Tom Hegarty Igor Auzins
377 Mother Superior Vince Moran Paul Eddey
378 Suddenly They've All Stopped Talking Phil Freedman David Stevens
379 The Last Way Out John Blair Paul Eddey
380 Leopold Alexander Hamilton Esq. Vince Moran David Stevens
381 A Mother's Love John Blair Igor Auzins
382 The Other Man Sonia Borg David Stevens
383 Assassin Tom Hegarty / Vince Moran Paul Eddey
384 The Kooranda Killing Vince Moran David Stevens
385 The Friendly Fellow Fred Cul Cullen David Stevens
386 April Fool Graham Hartley  
387 Squealer Tom Hegarty / John Blair David Stevens
388 Flight 484 Vince Moran Igor Auzins
389 Matchmaker Michael Harvey Paul Eddey
390 Thommo Michael Harvey Igor Auzins
391 To Tell You the Truth Phil Freedman  
392 They Even Frighten Me Howard Griffiths Paul Eddey
393 Follow the Leader Fred Cul Cullen Igor Auzins
394 Patterns and Stripes Don't Mix Luis Bayonas Paul Eddey
395 One Too Many Howard Griffiths Paul Eddey
396 El Dorado Vince Moran David Stevens
397 The Jackson File Jim Simmonds Paul Eddey
398 Mad Dog Kelly   David Stevens
399 The Crossing Vince Moran Igor Auzins
400 The Adventurer Ian Jones Igor Auzins
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