Email Issues

For various reasons emails have "bounced back" from the following people. Mostly, it’s because they have changed their email address and we haven’t been notified. The cause of the particular email issue is noted next to each name.
Unforunately, unless the problem is rectified, names will be deleted from the database after 4 months of continuing "bounced" emails.
Where possible, we have tried to contact most people, however if your name is listed, please contact us to rectify the issue.

If you haven’t been receiving our emails for some time, and your name isn’t here, please check the subscribers page. If you’re not listed there, you have been removed from the database. Please reapply.

Sally Arnold Mailbox Unavailable
Vladimir Bykovec Mailbox Unavailable
David Clarke Invalid address
Ross Denby Not known at Service Provider
Rory Forrest Not known at Service Provider
Peter German Not known at Service Provider
Graham Irwin Invalid address
Gordon Leyton Not known at Service Provider
Sal Mandina Not known at Service Provider
John Miglionico Invalid address
Heather Pitt Invalid address
Janet Stapleton Account disabled
Jamie Thompson Account disabled