Ep.TitleWriter/sDirectorStudio Director
201 Standover Gwenda Marsh John Walker Ian Crawford
202 Don't Ask Me Ron McLean John Walker Ian Crawford
203 Willie Charles Stamp David Charles Ian Crawford
204 My Pretty Maid Don Rogers David Charles Ian Crawford
205 Damsel in Distress Tom Hegarty John Walker Ian Crawford
206 Bella Eddie Hepple John Walker Ian Crawford
207 Young Hennessy Douglas Tainsh David Charles Ian Crawford
208 The Criminal Type Douglas Tainsh Colin Eggleston Ian Crawford
209 Fear Street Charles Stamp Colin Eggleston Ian Crawford
210 You Do Your Best Monte Miller David Charles Ian Crawford
211 For Old Crimes Sake Charles Stamp David Charles Ian Crawford
212 Hit Run Monte Miller Colin Eggleston Ian Crawford
213 Triangle Roger Simpson David Charles Ian Crawford
214 Backlash Douglas Tainsh David Charles Ian Crawford
215 Talk Back Roger Simpson John Walker Ian Crawford
216 In At The Kill Eddie Hepple David Charles Ian Crawford
217 The Slasher Douglas Tainsh Colin Eggleston Graeme Arthur
218 Sergeant Banner   Colin Eggleston Colin Eggleston Rod Hardy
219 Charity Affair Gwenda Marsh Colin Eggleston Graeme Arthur
220 The Munich Job Charles Stamp David Charles Graeme Arthur
221 Approach With Caution Eddie Hepple David Lee Graeme Arthur
222 Emperor Craig Charles Stamp David Lee Graeme Arthur
223 An Eye for an Eye Roger Simpson David Charles Graeme Arthur
224 For My Next Trick Charles Stamp David Lee Graeme Arthur
225 All for One Gwenda Marsh David Charles Graeme Arthur
226 The Battle of Waterloo Street Douglas Tainsh Colin Eggleston John Jacob
227 Friends and Neighbours Gwenda Marsh Gary Conway Rod Hardy
228 Parable Roger Simpson Colin Eggleston Graeme Arthur
229 Mad About the Boy Jonathon Dawson David Charles Graeme Arthur
230 Baxter's Son Neil Atkinson Vince Markensteijn Rod Hardy
231 The Tribunal Douglas Tainsh Gary Conway Rod Hardy
232 The Man in the Saville Row Suit   Jonathon Dawson Darryl Sheen Rod Hardy
233 Nobody Cares Eddie Hepple Darryl Sheen Rod Hardy
234 The Senator's Wife Ray Chamula Gary Conway Rod Hardy
235 Maria Vince Moran Colin Eggleston Rod Hardy
236 Jo Colin Eggleston Gary Conway Rod Hardy
237 Goodbye Charlie Charles Stamp Darryl Sheen Rod Hardy
238 None So Blind Charles Stamp Gary Conway Rod Hardy
239 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Gwenda Marsh Gary Conway Rod Hardy
240 The Professionals Douglas Tainsh David Lee Rod Hardy
241 Open Season Monte Miller David Lee Rod Hardy
242 Now Be a Good Boy      
243 Rag Doll Roger Simpson David Hinrichsen John Jacob
244 A Cry in the Dark Douglas Tainsh David Lee John Jacob
245 We've Made It, We're Rich Ray Chamula David Hinrichsen John Jacob
246 The Vigil John Orcsik David Charles John Jacob
247 Eye Witness Monte Miller David Hinrichsen John Jacob
248 Hello Stranger Douglas Tainsh Gary Conway Rod Hardy
249 A Touch of Art T. J. MacLennan David Lee John Jacob
250 The Driver's All Mine Ray Chamula David Lee John Jacob
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Ep.TitleWriter/sDirectorStudio Director
251 A Cry of Wolf Jim Simmonds David Hinrichsen John Jacob
252 The Last of the 78's Roger Simpson David Lee John Jacob
253 The Woman From Poland David Stevens David Hinrichsen John Jacob
254 Why Can't He Leave Me Alone? Jock Blair David Lee John Jacob
255 Lonely Hearts Sonia Borg/Joachim Fankhanel David Hinrichsen John Jacob
256 Fair Cop Douglas Tainsh David Lee John Jacob
257 Billy's Choice Barry Tomblin Marie Trevor  
258 Middle Man Roger Simpson David Hinrichsen  
259 Man of Substance Roger Simpson John Barningham  
260 I Was Calling Him Bogey Charles Stamp    
261 Dying Deposition Ian Jones John Barningham  
262 Easy Mark Ray Chamula Marie Trevor  
163 Sat'dee Arvo      
264 Time Payment      
265 Shadows      
266 The Lame Ducks      
267 Unfit to Plead Roger Simpson Marie Trevor  
268 A Couple of Mates Sonia Borg    
269 Every Sheila's Dream      
270 Nicky Keith Hetherington David Hinrichsen  
271 What Will My Friends Say? John Drew John Barningham  
272 A Bird in the Hand      
273 Two Hours of Madness Ray Chamula    
274 A Sense of Duty - Part 1        
275 A Sense of Duty - Part 2      
276 No Prize for Second Douglas Tainsh    
277 The Fanatic Sonia Borg    
278 The Vickers Way Charles Stamp    
279 Take No for an Answer Peter Dann    
280 The World Belongs to the Young Keith Hetherington Darryl Sheen  
281 A Civil Question Phil Freedman David Hinrichsen  
282 The Daughters of Man David Stevens    
283 The Human Factor Michael Harvey    
284 Life's a Gamble      
285 Something To Live Up To Douglas Tainsh    
286 Little Raver Everett DeRoche John Barningham  
287 Big Fish, Small Fry John Orcsik David Hinrichsen  
288 Just for Kicks Ray Chamula John Barningham  
289 Tell Me Your Troubles, My Friend      
290 When Pride Takes Precedence Jeff Toghill John Barningham  
291 Rubber Bunny Everett DeRoche Darryl Sheen  
292 Check, Check, Check Douglas Tainsh David Charles  
293 Once Upon a Time Charles Stamp John Barningham  
294 Dead Fall Keith Hetherington David Charles  
295 Friends, Who Needs 'em? Keith Hetherington    
296 Horrie and Charlie Mark Randall Darryl Sheen  
297 1956 And All That Michael Harvey David Charles  
298 Agnes Triumphant David Stevens John Barningham  
299 His Word Against Mine Phil Freedman John Barningham  
300 Today Ends at Dawn Charles Stamp David Charles  
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